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Maxam Tire International has its headquarters in Luxembourg, at the heart of Europe; here a dedicated team of skilled and experienced engineers design the tyres that go to make up the MAXAM range. With over half a century of experience behind them, MAXAM tyres have built up an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and value and they are used by some of the world’s largest mining operators.

Ukuran dan Pettern Ban MAXAM yang Tersedia

MS401 E4 (27.00R49/24.00R35/12.00R24)

Deep grooved tread design provides excellent traction in rigid dump truck applications. Ideal for applications requiring maximum road grip and high site TKPH.

• Excellent traction in all off road conditions
• Deep tread grooves provide cooler running tread for high site TKPH
• Wide, square footprint distributes load for minimal haul road disturbance • Reinforced bead, shoulder and sidewall for increased cut resistance
• Heat resistant undertread reduces tire temperature
• Multiple tread compound options target specific site requirements

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MS405 DUMPXTRA (29.5R25/23.5R25)

Deep E4/L4 lug pattern combines excellent traction and high resistance to wear and cutting. Specifically designed to minimize vibration at haul speeds and provide the lowest cost-per-hour.

• Excellent traction in all off-road conditions
• Deep undertread for improved puncture resistance
• High quality casing allows for excellent retreadability
• Wear and cut resistant tread compound
• Wide, flat footprint profile for maximum stability and wear

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